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Kati, Candice, Elisa and Julie are four lovely young women. Swiss escort in Geneva, you can meet them during your visit in the beautiful country of Lake Geneva

kati escorte suisse

Pretty brunette with a fire look


Kati, recently arrived at Agence Rose is already unanimous with demanding gentlemen. His strengths are great softness and sensuality on the skin. She is “woman” in all her splendor. Her femininity and her charisma make this beautiful Swiss escort in Geneva an essential person who will bring you intense moments of happiness.






Sweet blonde with fair skin


You prefer a wonderful blonde with soft and clear skin. Candice who has a slim and slender figure is a true natural blonde and unvarnished. She is a charming girl from Geneva, Switzerland, full of charm who will listen to all your desires. It will bring you fullness in the sharing and exchange of tender and strong sensations. Candice is a Swiss escort girl in Geneva who can travel. She will find you all around the Lake Geneva as each of our girls.





Elisa escorte Suisse

Sensuality and sweetness


The sensitive and sweet Elisa is also one of our most beautiful collaborators. Surprising and cheerful, it is a Swiss escort of Geneva very solicited. Indeed, Elisa is one of our freest and most comfortable girls with her perfectly sculpted body. His beautiful open-mindedness and his naturalness will conquer you and finally fill you. The hours in his company will remain exquisite memories that will mark your memory indefinitely. You will not be able to resist its crazy charm.




Visit the site to discover the femininity and grace of the sublime Julie and discover his profile and his photos.


Candice is sweetness and youth embodied 

His slender body and long legs will make you turn your head. Also, you will never forget its exceptional camber that inspires all fantasies. In addition, it has a skin of real blonde as silky as scented. You can pet and breathe at leisure. Her youth gives her an air of candor under which hides a Young and Beautiful Blonde gifted for the gift of self. Free, very open-minded, she has neither fears nor modesty. Indeed, it is thanks to his great confidence that this beautiful libertine will make you let go to the point of not having the clear mind.

Share the delights of life 

We always offer you more young luxury women. In particular to allow you to have a larger choice adaptable to your personal tastes. Each of them can make you discover and share the delights of love life in connection with your own desires. Candice, the young and beautiful blonde has this mission too. She will accomplish it with zeal and passion during an evening, a few hours, a weekend and why not a short vacation.

We can guide and advise you

From a simple “phone call” we can give you more details about our girls and also some tips to guide you in your selection. We know each of our Escorts perfectly. Depending on your requests we will direct you to the young woman who will best meet your expectations. For more privacy, if you wish, you can also contact us by “mail”. It goes without saying that, by discretion and security, we do not store any of your personal data.

Pleasure to enjoy you.


An exotic fragrance.

This beautiful Swiss-Lebanese full of charm will offer you both refinement, distinction, charm and seduction. Delicious Lara and sublime young woman will captivate you immediately. Indeed, when you go to immerse your eyes in his, you will not be able to resist him. 


Sublime Luxury Escort

If you like to receive caresses and cuddles… It’s with a hint of mystery that Lara will enter into this voluptuous sharing of senses in your company. She loves to give all the best of herself and welcomes the delights of desire and pleasure with natural and unobtrusive. It is a high-class Escort very audacious, subtle and of a great discretion.

Get to know Lara better

This prestigious and sublime young woman passionate about art and travel is endowed with an exceptional intelligence. Therefore, his knowledge of the world and its different cultures will make your meeting an adventure of discovery and romance at a time. Mischievous, smiling, laughing, Lara is a true sun. You will be able to appreciate its very communicative joy of life and its beautiful opening of mind which will illuminate your evening.

Admire her goddess body

To better discover her, she invites you to admire her erotic and wonderful pictures on his page by clicking on ” Our Girls “. Lara loves lingerie, silk and soft materials. If you also like the beautiful underwear, she will be happy to wear it for you. They go so well to his firm body, curved and his perfect legs that you will be tempted. You will not be able to resist the desire to taste the pleasures of the eyes and the touch. You will not cease to want to strip and let yourself be carried away by the culmination of your fantasies the most shameful. Enter quickly in contact with our Agency.

 Delicious and charming

Maeva is your future companion to spend a few hours of happiness and why not a night, a weekend in love.     

Who is she

This young woman is maddened by beauty and has an extraordinary elegance. You will be seduced by its beautiful plastic and sensuality on the skin.


Maeva, your future companion is the high class Escort that will captivate you at first sight.

His beautiful hazel eyes full of mischief say a lot about his expertise and his being. For your best relaxation, she will know in a few seconds what makes you the most pleasure. Maeva will make every effort to satisfy you and make you succumb to happiness.

Delicate and enterprising at the same time, Maeva is a woman very aware of her great beauty and her power over the Gentlemen. That is why she will surprise you with her audacity and ease in all circumstances.

The Agence Rose offers you your Future Companion, this very young and beautiful English girl.We selected Maeva with the greatest care to guarantee you memorable and incomparable moments of fullness of love.

You want to know more about your future companion

To get to know this beautiful Escort Deluxe that offers the Agence Rose, go to the page ” Our Girls “ Come to admire it and above all, do not stay in contemplation in front of this beautiful girl at the risk of regretting it …

Contact us quickly. We will organize for you this meeting of dreams with your Future Companion. If you hesitate among all our charming young women we are at your disposal to guide you in your choice. Indeed, we make a point of honor to your complete satisfaction. We are listening to all our customers and will do everything possible to get as close as possible to your wishes even the most crazy.


Payment by Credit Card.


It is to follow the request of our many customers and to better satisfy you we have set up a means of payment by credit card.

Security and confidentiality.

Is absolutely secure through the use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software. This system adapted to this method of payment can encrypt your bank information before we send them. This is also necessary to preserve the confidentiality of your data and thereby the security of your data.

Anonymous payment by credit card insured.

Indeed, during the banking transaction, the name of our site will not appear on your bank statements and the creditor remains anonymous.

Absolute discretion.

With this method of payment by credit card you can with a single click pay your reservations in any discretion. In addition, we also accept the species in many currencies.

You can, already, assure us of our great delicacy with certainty. Indeed, our agency makes a point of honor to preserve the anonymity of all our valued customers.

We remind you that, to be done, we put at your disposal a comfortable and pleasant

luxurious bachelor flats. You will find our Luxury Escort.

For your comfort, this one is strategically located in the center of the city of Geneva. It goes without saying that it is necessary to reserve this place a few hours before your meeting to confirm its availability. Do not hesitate to ask us. We will organize for you this additional benefit with the greatest pleasure.

See you very soon for a wonderful and sweet adventure in the arms of one of the most beautiful escort of the ” Agence Rose “.

Sharon the new girl of Agence Rose

Even today, a New Girl joins our team of charming companions only to satisfy you.


Indeed, the Agence Rose makes every effort to offer you a large choice of Luxury Escort. It is through a very rigorous selection that we are able to choose the most beautiful and refined young women.

Sharon is a very young blonde girl, sensual, terribly audacious and without taboos. You will be, without question, pleasantly surprised by his extraordinary knowledge and his perfect knowledge of the male. It will anticipate all your desires and will, of course, make a point of honor to reach your well-being.

How to discover his beautiful face

This New Girl has a beautiful body with perfect and harmonious curves. Her transparent skin of blonde is as sweet, sweet and fragrant as that of a rose petal in spring. You can admire it on the page our girl and discover her perfect face and beautiful eyes simply by selecting it.

What happiness with Sharon

Sharon is the high-class Escort that you will also appreciate for its class and its great French elegance. It is also cultivated, intelligent, relevant, speaks several languages ​​and, therefore, adapts to all situations.

This New Girl offers you a journey of eroticism and unparalleled sensuality. This is how it will haunt your mind and satisfy your most shameful dreams. You would like to “let go” and forget all the hazards of your work day, so Sharon is the best present of this day. Do not hesitate, come relax and relax in the arms of this adorable and wonderful New Girl from our  ” Agency “

If you wish, we are at your disposal to guide you in your choice among all our Luxury Escorts and organize your evening or your weekend and why not, a few days of vacation in charming company.

 A New Escort Girl has just joined us


Come quickly discover the splendid and sultry Bianca the brunette. Indeed, this New Escort Girl very libertine, with fine and long legs, just joined the Agence Rose.

Bianca is not just a young woman! She is a real woman in all her splendor! In addition, cultivated, highly educated and intelligent it will surprise you with its many knowledge of the world and the cultural life of Geneva. She can help you discover our wonderful city that has no secrets for her.

She is waiting for your calls to be able to spoil you and share with you the most intense pleasures of life. You can meet her at your hotel or any other place of your choice.

Meet our new escort girl at our apartment

If by necessity of discretion, you do not know where to organize your meeting, we have the solution.

Bianca can also receive you, by reservation, in a warm and cozy atmosphere. To do this find here our  luxury bachelor flats on the center of Geneva. She will receive you with a lot of pleasures and elegance. She will offer you a refreshing glass of French champagne and will drink in your company at your beautiful meeting

Want sweetness and hug with Bianca

If you like to be cuddled, pamper Bianca is the New Escort Girl that you will select from all our collaborators. Indeed, it is at once the sweetness and tenderness embodied. View the photos of this adorable and sensual young woman by clicking on the tab “our escort girl”  on the site of our Agency. Finally, we can help you in your choice. Because we know all our girls perfectly, we will advise you at best.

Contact us by e-mail or phone. We will make every effort to organize a fatal encounter full of femininity, beauty and glamor with our New Escort Girl.