New arrival at Agence Rose


Candice is sweetness and youth embodied 

His slender body and long legs will make you turn your head. Also, you will never forget its exceptional camber that inspires all fantasies. In addition, it has a skin of real blonde as silky as scented. You can pet and breathe at leisure. Her youth gives her an air of candor under which hides a Young and Beautiful Blonde gifted for the gift of self. Free, very open-minded, she has neither fears nor modesty. Indeed, it is thanks to his great confidence that this beautiful libertine will make you let go to the point of not having the clear mind.

Share the delights of life 

We always offer you more young luxury women. In particular to allow you to have a larger choice adaptable to your personal tastes. Each of them can make you discover and share the delights of love life in connection with your own desires. Candice, the young and beautiful blonde has this mission too. She will accomplish it with zeal and passion during an evening, a few hours, a weekend and why not a short vacation.

We can guide and advise you

From a simple “phone call” we can give you more details about our girls and also some tips to guide you in your selection. We know each of our Escorts perfectly. Depending on your requests we will direct you to the young woman who will best meet your expectations. For more privacy, if you wish, you can also contact us by “mail”. It goes without saying that, by discretion and security, we do not store any of your personal data.

Pleasure to enjoy you.


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